Wednesday, August 28, 2013

City Market - Luling, TX

MEAT, MEAT, MEAT!!!!! Come ready to eat as City Market is an open barbecue pit with succulent meats to choose from. Come hungry and leave comeatly FULL! The city of Luling is about 20 minutes from Shiner, so enjoy a free tour of the Shiner Brewery first, take in a few samples, and head to Luling for some serious BBQ. Luling considers their joint, Real Texas Bar B Que and it’s a world-famous barbecue destination!

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633 E Davis St
Luling, TX 78648
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Patrons will head to the wood burning BBQ pit with the grill masters hard at work. Eaters will see their meats slow-roasting before their eyes...try not to drool! The smell is meaty, but oh so tasty. Feel free to sample a variety of animals - cow, pig, turkey, or chicken. The sausage is made fresh, in house, aged, dried and wrapped in casings.

Picnic tables line the joint, no need for silverware. Grab some of Texas’ fine white bread, Mrs. Baird’s, and get finger-lickin ready to grub! Its gonna be a meat-tastic time! You can grab a favorite soda from the checkout counter, along with pickles and other fixins. Don’t go lookin to get fancy though, this is a no frills joint for serious meat-eaters only. :) In all seriousness though, you know you’re at an authentic barbecue joint when the grill-master is wearing a hardhat!

LYD selected, pork ribs, shredded beef, and hand stuffed sausage. Dr. Atkins would be proud! Mouth watering meats with natural oils and juices in every bite. Each meat order is served with Luling’s World Famous sauce, which is a sweet, tangy sauce to bathe the meats in. Our personal fave were the beef ribs. Mmmmmm!

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  1. LYD: have you tried the beef ribs at Mueller Meat Co. in Austin? I haven't, but wish you would and compare to what you got at Luling. I love everything Luling Market cooks, but I hear Mueller's beef ribs can't be beat.