Saturday, March 2, 2013

Neighborhood Services - Dallas, TX

Date night, girls night, guys night, or just a hang out night, LYD recommends grabbing a bite to eat at Neighborhood Services off of Lovers Lane in Dallas before partying the night away in D-town. Lovers Lane is best known for its shopping, eclectic cafes, bakeries, and swanky art deco buildings. But more importantly, it is home to Neighborhood Services. Neighborhood Services takes pride in "Honest Food and Drink in the American Tradition." They believe in creating unbelievably tasty meals with simplicity and class that will satisfy the stomachs of its hungriest eaters. Neighborhood Services offers a plethora of choices on the ever-changing menu. Specials rotate daily with fresh seafood flown in or a specialty meat of the chefs choice. Whether patrons choose the regular menu or the daily special all options lead to great food!
5027 West Lovers Ln.
Dallas, TX 75209
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LYD started right off with appetizers; the Roasted Green Chile and Jonah Crab Dip is a delectable item to start the night. Lump crab meat, spicy, fresh, organic seasonings, paired with a smokey, flavorful salsa. Eaters dip the hand cut sea salt corn chips in roasted green chile smoothly blended crab dip. The boldness of the green chiles paired with fresh lump crab is a flavorful sensation of greatness! These opposites do attract! Want to try something else to amplify the taste-buds? Select the bedazzled flash fried, crispy Asparagus! A full plate piled high with crunchy and green, battered and golden flashed-fried asparagus with a side of lemon dill dressing. The sweet tangy lemon dill dressing adds zing that makes the taste buds crave more fresh veggies.

Now for the main course! Pan Roasted Vital Farms Chicken is one of LYD’s faves and a recommendation from Neighborhood services staff. Half a chicken pan-roasted until perfectly browned and bathed in garlic, onion, and olive oil to intensify the chicken’s natural flavor. Neighborhood Services pairs this feast with whipped buttery herb mashed potatoes and garlic sauteed spinach. Combine the potatoes, spinach, and chicken all in one bite for a mouthwatering, taste bud-melting, and unforgettable taste.

The NHS Classic ‘London Broil’ Steak Frites is also a fine choice. The succulent beef is cooked to perfection on a Nebraska flat iron, drizzled with original Voodoo Peppercorn Sauce, and sliced up with a lovely presentation that’ll keep you telling yourself you can always fit in another bite. Feel free to substitute the fries for another side, per the waiter’s recommendation we tried the Brussel sprouts with pancetta and maple. Yum factor to the max!.

Now for a fish selection of the night there’s Red Fish! Neighborhood Services flies in the seafood daily from the Texas Gulf or one of the USA great coastal shorelines. This night the red fish was BBQ-ed. The chef pan-seared the fish in oil and brushed tangy, sweet BBQ sauce over the fish. The fish laid over a bed of Yukon gold potatoes and sweet potatoes that had bathed in butter and a sweet sauce which paired delectably perfect with the tang BBQ sauce. Amongst the perfectly partitioned potatoes was braised short beef hash which aroused LYDs tastes! This sea and cattle meal was a bite of heaven!

LYD says to go ahead and try something off the menu tonight whether it be a daily special or a classic entree. This is a romantic spot for daters, a great place to catch up with old friends, or bring the family for a swanky night out; Neighborhood Services has something for all. Splurge for a night and order a big ol’ hunkin’ piece of perfectly-cooked meat or fish! Bon Appetit Y’all!

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