Thursday, January 24, 2013

POPS - Arcadia, OK

"Food, Fuel, and Fizz!"

If you’re looking to escape Dallas to find some peace and tranquility, head to Arcadia, Oklahoma for a one-of-a-kind, over-the-top, out-of-this-world foodie adventure. This unique place is POPS Restaurant! POPS is where patrons can subdue their quest for thirst after a long car ride out to the Oklahoma countryside. POPS is a futuristic, interesting-looking gas station plus restaurant that has diagonally-slanted glass windows adorned with hundreds of soda pop bottles. Glass shelves flaunt these soda bottles rising from the ground up. Outside the modern structure is where you can find a giant 66-foot tall soda bottle, that turns into a light show at night. Definitely catches your eye from the road; it is a sight to see! Grab the peeps and head down the original Route 66 to Arcadia, Oklahoma to find what POPS Restaurant and store has to offer.
660 Historic U.S. 66
Arcadia, OK 73007
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LYD recommends that instead of just fueling up your ride, take a gander inside this modern gas station/restaurant for some “fizz and food” just as their slogan states. Beverages vary from the bottomless fountain soda pop, creamy milkshakes, to a worldwide selection of bottled soda pop. After the initial shock of all the drink choices wears off, take a seat at the counter or booth to order up a delish lunch at a gas station. But this is not your ordinary "gas station" menu. POPS showcases a variety of homemade, ready-to-order food selection. Choose hearty sandwiches, juicy burgers, or healthy salads. And if you stop by on the weekends before 10:30 am you can enjoy their heavenly breakfast menu items.

LYD hungrily found POPS and made the strenuous choice of what to eat and the even harder decision of what to drink. If you’re looking for a healthy choice there are options! The 7 Layer Salad was seven layers of fresh produce-- crisp green romaine lettuce; rosy red tomatoes, crunchy cucumbers, smokey chopped bacon, thinly sliced grilled chicken, sprinkled bleu cheese, and Ancho-buttermilk dressing drizzled to top off the salad. Blended buttermilk, mayonnaise, and ancho pepper powder is the core of this creamy sensation and adds the bang to this lunch option. Now for those with burgers on the brain, there is a definite selection that you will be excited for choose from. All burgers at POPS are ⅓ pound Black Angus, ground beef hand-patties cooked to order. LYD selected a few burgers to feast on and recommends the Edmond and Arcadia Burgers. The Edmond Burger is a core of Black Angus beef, decorated with sliced swiss cheese, sauteed mushrooms, and smoked apple-wood bacon. Then dress the gourmet burger with lettuce, tomatoes, pickles, and onions to your liking. The Arcadia Burger is a mighty fine choice and a recommended favorite of our waitress. It’s a savory patty sandwiched between and toasted bun and topped with POPS’ own BBQ sauce and apple-wood smoked bacon. Then blue cheese is sprinkled on top which really gives the BBQ sauce burger combo a delightful “pop.” This burger is the town’s namesake and we think it lives up to the hype. Your meal may have been filling, but man-oh-man, give the Root Beer Bread Pudding a whirl. Never heard of such an awesome combination of flavors? Us either, so of course it had to be tried! It’s made with Round Barn Root Beer and with raisins and heavily drizzled with a white chocolate sauce. It’s a deliciously unique take on bread pudding like you’ve never had and is worth saving room for in your dessert stomach!

Even though the food is very enticing, don’t leave this place without taking a stroll through the aisles to pick out a 6-pack of new flavors of pop. There are 600 different types of bottles to choose from, so there are new tastes for every patron! Varieties like Lenin-ade (a fizzy humorous tribute to communism), Alien Abduction, Al Capone Root Beer, Nu Grape, Blueberry Zen, and Dr. Cane are just a few of the bountiful classics at POPS. This Route 66 stop is soda-licious!

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