Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Chef Point Cafe - Watauga, TX

Fill ‘er up! Out in Watauga, Texas stands a Conoco filling station that holds a hidden yet fabulous eatery-- the Chef Point Cafe. For anyone who has not heard of Chef Point Cafe it is the ultimate entrepreneurial story that can inspire anyone with a dream to own a restaurant. Franson Nwaeze, co-owner and chef of Chef Point Cafe started this establishment in 2003 with his wife as the business know-how and him with the cooking prowess. And even though Franson originally moved to America in 1981 with the hopes of obtaining his pilot license, he also discovered by working as a dishwasher in kitchens at a young age to make ends meet that he had a knack for cooking. Over the course of 20 years plus that international move, he worked his way up to cooking for and running five-star kitchens. Chef Franson and his wife, Paula Merrell, decided to take a shot at their own American dream and began applying for loans to open a restaurant, which turned into a daunting task due to their lack of experience and up front capital. In their search for a way to support their dream, the husband and wife team discovered a loop-hole; it’s much easier to apply for a loan to open a gas station. With hard work and determination, the power couple turned a Conoco station into a high class restaurant with Franson as the master chef. At present day the restaurant has expanded several times since opening and has recently added a full-service bar. Add to that story that Franson did become a registered pilot! Both Franson and Paula deem their opening of the restaurant/gas station a success in their life and the lesson to learn from them is to dream big and never stop dreaming!

5901 Watauga Road
Watauga, TX 76148
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Now let's get down to grubbin’. Start the meal of with a fresh draught beer from a local brewery or sip on the cocktail of the day. For an appetizer, why not try the ‘What Nots’-- six flavorful mushroom caps stuffed with three cheeses. The cheese collaboration is delectable and then these savory caps are sautéed in a tasty buttery garlic sauce good enough to keep dousing your bread with it! Next up are some don’t-miss dishes for hungry patrons to gobble up. Continue on to the soup course with the Ciopino Soup, which was featured recently in Paula Deen’s magazine for the Italian-inspired wine and tomato fish sauce simmered with an entire days catch from the sea. Also try either Lobster Bisque or Florentine Tomato Soup for creamy and heavenly rich creations sure to satisfy the ultimate soup lover. For the lobster aficionado misplaced in the Lone Star State, the divinely creamy bisque is swimming with extravagant chunks of lobster. On the menu it will read lobster cooked to perfection and that ain't no exaggeration! Good gracious, you shouldn’t need much convincing on what to order there! Hope you saved room for the hefty helpings of the main course, because Chef Franson really knows how to appeal to his Southern patrons with big appetites.

For your main dish, try the Blackened Stuffed Chicken, it’s one of Chef Point Cafe’s best sellers and with one taste you will see why! This dish comes with a stuffed chicken breast filled with jack cheese and fresh crab meat. The chicken was laid on a bed of angel hair pasta and topped off with an Asiago cream sauce. Come hungry for this one or plan on taking some of it home for later though, because this one will leave you as stuffed as the chicken breast! And if you’re looking for a meal that will even fill one with the biggest appetite in your group, the classic Monte Cristo Sandwich is the way to go. A simple yet satisfying old fashioned ham, turkey, and cheese sandwich that is then deep fried and sprinkled with powdered sugar-- a state fair like option that is socially acceptable all year-round. Also available for a lighter option is prime salmon with roasted potatoes and steamed mixed vegetables. Get that fork for the fillet of salmon because it’s cooked perfectly pink and tender. Definitely a light dish that will leave you feeling satisfied!

With so many eclectic options from any of their Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, or Sunday Brunch menus, there’s something for every eater. Whether you’re craving the finest of the gas station turned restaurant eats or a regular old burger, Chef Franson really knows how to class up a good ol’ Texas meal and make it delicious! LYD truly believes that Chef Point Cafe is a must-see spot, and an absolute must for those in the greater DFW area. It’s a true food adventure for everyone ready to “fill up” with good eats! Keep in mind there are no signs on the outside of the building to indicate it’s anything but an ol’ filling station, unless you count the “Now Hiring Servers” marquee, of course. So turn on the GPS and keep your eyes peeled for the Conoco with a line out the door around eating times and be ready to chow down!

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  1. My wife and I really want to try this restaurant. We furred a lot of good things about it. Thanks for your blog. Love it!


  2. I would definitely try this restaurant. Are they also offering a fresh salad? I am excited to try the main dish the Blackened Stuffed Chicken..

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