Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Hula Hut - Austin, TX

Get ready for a Mexonesian night! Only the city of Austin, TX could house two compatible cuisines of Mexican and Polynesian food combined together to create an unforgettable dinner that all will be sure to love! From the serve-yourself chips paired with mango pineapple salsa to the Mango Poblano Quesadillas to the Hawaiian Fajitas to Flan for dessert, Hula Hut has found the perfect marriage of Tex-Mex and the cuisine of the Hawaiian isles.
3825 Lake Austin Boulevard
Austin, TX 78703
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Come one come all. Travel by car, foot, bike, or even boat, Hula Hut will feed and satisfy all! Yep, that is right! Pull on up in your boat, dock it, and enjoy some fabulous eats!

Every dish incorporates fresh ingredients into classic Mexican dishes with a play on spicy and sweet. The atmosphere is straight Austin-tastic with a bar setting opening up to tables over-looking Lake Austin for a view that showcases the burnt orange sunset that’s famous the world over. The random artifacts that cover the walls floor to ceiling are as eclectic as the locals and as colorful as the food they serve as well. Sit in or outside, take in the sight of the rolling hills of South Texas, and watch as Austin regulars canoe of kayak past down-river. It’s never a dull moment in the “Weird” city of Austin!

Start the meal with a “Snack” of an appetizer and a fruity Mai-Tai or Margarita. With options like Coconut Shrimp, Mexonesian Shrimp Flautas, Palm Tree Hugger Nachos, or a PuPu Platter, there’s gotta be something sure to rattle those bored ol’ tastebuds. Next up is the main course with all the options Hula Hut has to offer, your tiki torch may have burned out by the time you decide what to order. Tubular Tacos is a popular choice and this ain’t no street taco eaten with your hands, this is a taco that takes up your whole plate! Stuff to the brim with fajita meat, shrimp, veggies, or guacamole, the giant home made tortilla is rolled up and drizzled with spicy sauces and served with rice and beans. The Pipeline Enchiladas are just as huge as the Tubular Tacos but baked with melty cheeses and delicious sauces. Order up the crowd-pleaser Shiner Bock Grilled Fajitas and the tender marinated chicken or beef is packed with bold flavor. If a burger is more your style, then Hula Hut has you covered still by serving juicy beef with Hawaiian-style toppings to ensure that each dish is a perfect combo of the cuisines. Open face tacos is an different change from your every day classic Mexican dish. Hula Hut spices it up by creating a open face fish taco. Grilled tilapia, seasoned with lime juice, sauteed veggies, including bell peppers and onions, topped off with thinly sliced romaine lettuce and chunks of roma tomatoes all on a warm flour tortilla. Who could say no to that?

Regardless of what you order at Hula Hut, watch the sun set out over the lake as you sip on a margarita, munch on chips and salsa and carelessly soak up the evening as you wait for the delicious eats to arrive. Hula Hut brings a little bit of Hawaii to the Tex-Mex capital with toothsome, fantastic dishes!

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