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Marfa Table - Marfa, TX

LYD Recommendation: Marfa Table, located in the historic square of Marfa, TX, introduces diners to an inventive, contemporary dining venue. While visiting Marfa, note that Marfa Table’s doors are only open Friday to Monday from 6:30-9pm, so do not make a mistake by missing this delicious adventure! The menu is straight-forward with no strings attached. The kitchen offers a special of the day, while continuing to serve amazing dishes off the short, one page Marfa Table menu. Menu choices, simple yet elegant, are made daily depending on what goods are available by the local farmers, bakeries, or whatever the chef is inspired to make that day. Regardless of what is on the menu, Marfa Table says bring your favorite beer or wine. Its BYOB here!
109 S Highland Ave
Marfa, TX 79843
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The kitchen at Marfa Table can whip up a feast fit for any hungry soul. Every meal is fashioned daily; strongly dependent on what is crisp and foodie inspired. Intrigued by the set up, LYD loved the at home feel, variety of picturesque tables, decorative bulletin board, and TLC inside and outside the kitchen. The kitchen is out in the open where eaters can watch their meals being prepared first-hand. The hospitality was undeniably remarkable. The workers are more than just your cooks and servers; they are your dinner companions. They not only fulfill your hunger pangs, but share stories about the town, night life, and mysterious Marfa Lights. They will even go the extra mile and call places just to make sure they are open for you, just so you do not have to waste your time with a drive or a walk. TLC is the name of the game at Marfa Table.

LYD stopped on a night that had everything from fresh seafood to amazing Texas chili to bold and colorful Asian cuisine. Get ready seafood lovers because the king crabs will snap that hunger away. King crabs, collard greens, and lemon seasoned rice pilaf! Now that’s what LYD calls a simple summer backyard feast. Three huge helpings of the king crab legs are steamed to perfection; served chilled with a cup of lemon butter garlic sauce. Delish! Taste buds will get a boost of tanginess and saltiness all at the same time. The tanginess continues with the lemon seasoned rice pilaf. Rice pilaf is cooked with lemon pepper seasoning paired with lemon slices adding more zing and zang not only to the rice, but to the crab meat itself. To add more color and essence to the plate, bright green collard greens are cooked in more garlic butter. A meal so simple, but delectable! Next up, Marfa Table takes the traditional, classic chili by turning it up ten notches! Giant sized pinto beans, grass-fed smoked beef, fresh chopped onions, and roasted poblano peppers all in one bowl! The smoked beef is cut into thick, chunky slices marinated for hours to create a tender slice of meat; definitely the star of the chili. The chili is not too spicy, but does incorporate a ton of great Texas Chili flavor. However, if that is too much fire for you, thinly sliced red cabbage slaw is placed in the center of the chili as a cooling enhancer. Make sure to bring in some light beer and the Texas flair will really stand out! LYD paired this classic chili twist with their table salad. A field of leafy greens, organic arugula, and shaved Parmesan cheese topped with a poached egg all drizzled with lemon-tarragon vinaigrette. Hearty and healthy! To try the Asian side of Marfa’s Table, start with a delectable Chinese cabbage soup. Light, citrusy, sweet tasting, the Chinese cabbage soup, infuses many unique flavors and ingredients all combine to make a perfect appetizer or meal. You can order the soup with a sunny-side up egg or without, but the egg adds savoriness to the tang of the cabbage soup.

If the palate is hankerin’ for some curry, Marfa Table came through on that too. Served up in a large bowl with a choice of chicken or beef, this soupy wonder of Texas’ is farm-fresh ingredients stirred with hints of traditional Thai spices that will keep the buds craving more, bite after bite. As a side-dish order, choose a casserole-style scalloped potatoes baked beneath a layer of cheeses, YUMMY-O! For all the carrot lovers out there, try the broiled carrots seasoned in a lemon-marjoram mixture that is quite delightful.

As always, LYD will always give you a great dessert to end the night on! Because after all, no meal is complete without sweet, toothy, delicious desserts! Marfa table, on this night, was giving patrons the chance to tryout their Blackberry walnut- oat crumble pie. Prepared from some of the finest Marfa ingredients like: hand-picked fruits, earthy oats, and fresh cow milked that is whipped into cream. The pie is served hot out of the oven, decorated with fluffy whisked cream, mint leaves, and sliced fruit. It will definitely feed the soul and warm the heart.

LYD found that all of the eateries in Marfa were full of charm and character. Each venue offered something completely different on the menu, but one thing they all had in common was, customer appreciation!

Thank you Marfa for showing good eats to LYD and be gracious host!

Bon Appetite Y’all

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