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Cochineal - Marfa, TX

If you’re looking for a quiet place in Marfa to grab a tasty breakfast, then LYD says stop by Cochineal, grab a cup of home-brewed coffee, a speciality latte or cappuccino, or a glass of fresh fruit juice and give your morning a boost. And if you’re not an early riser, then get those extra Z’s and and try Cochineal daily for lunch or dinner.
107 1/2 West San Antonio Street
Marfa, TX 79843
432 729-3300
432-646-2412 (Mobile)
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When asking the locals where to dine in Marfa, many will tell you Cochineal is top on the list. Cochineal, on the main drag in Marfa, is a refurbished, quaint, old farm house that has been jazzed up to feed the locals and those passers by. An Austin-style bistro serving up local veggies, farm fresh eggs, and Texas game meats, Cochineal is an upscale joint within a laid back space. Grab a seat inside or join the gang on the outdoor patio and listen to the quiet of the town or stare at the glittering night sky from the best spot to stargaze in Texas.

The menu changes seasonally at Cochineal, but this summer menu will create one hearty appetite. The staff as they will be more than happy to explain the chef’s creations and list any specials of the day. Cochineal takes ordinary meals and adds the Marfa flare to serve up simple and scrumptious creations! All the ingredients including the veggies, meats, and herbs are handpicked and delivered from the local farms. LYD suggests starting off your day with a hot cup o’ joe from the self-service coffee bar along with the Marfa Three Egg Omelet. The specialty omelet has fluffy scrambled eggs, a pinch of salt, and a stuffing of mild bite size pieces of chorizo sausage, bold red and yellow bell peppers, and finely sliced sweet yellow onions. Alongside the Marfa Omelet is Texas-sized toast served with playfully sweet strawberry jelly. It’s a filling, hearty, and balanced breakfast that gives you enough fuel to walk or bike the streets of Marfa. Some of their other options have the Tex-Mex background you expect from a town about 100 miles from the border. With homemade corn tortillas topped with eggs and green chili sauce served with a side of refried beans, you can really get ready for your day! Order a bowlful of grits topped with melted butter as a side along with your favorite grit-worthy mix-ins like your grandmother used to leave on the table. Delve into another breakfast classic with the Marfa twist on the Denver omelet; three farm-fresh eggs whipped into a fury then cooked with bold Mexican white cheddar and chunks of ham. Cochineal really takes American classics and zests up the flavors. Many other egg dishes are available with some hot sauce available when ordered. The summer menu also includes biscuit and gravy plates as well as some other tasty Southern breakfast regulars. Try one of their different mimosa concoctions, which changes with the juices available, for a real morning pick-me-up. No matter what guests decide to eat at Cochineal, it will be a pleasant experience for the taste-buds!

Marfa is a one-of-a-kind little village town with big city restaurant gems. Guests forget about time and agendas as those are not relevant to Marfa. Stop and breathe in the desert wind, and if Marfa is a vacation weekend, go with the flow of the town and see some amazing artists, gaze at the vast Texas landscape, and chow down on southwestern cuisine. Wander on into Marfa’s very own Cochineal and take a seat underneath the Texas sky for a sweet, sweet, taste of the best of the West.

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