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Bin 303 - Rockwall, TX

LYD Recommendation: Visit Bin 303 during the week days and try their evening specials along with happy hour cocktails and draft beers. Order a fine Texas steak grilled with passion and with fresh-cooked veggies picked straight from the farm. Chef Mat's dishes are infused with Texas pride and represent the philosophy "Everything is bigger and better in Texas". Enjoy a tornado whirlwind of Texas-sized flavors and ingredients at Bin 303. Grab some friends or a special date and relax in the comforting atmosphere in the true Texas way, with meat and hospitality!
105 Olive Street
Rockwall, TX 75087-2705
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Adjacent to the historic Rockwall squares lies a hidden treasure of the Lake Ray Hubbard community. Bin 303 celebrates Texas' agricultural assets by utilizing home-grown crops with mixtures of fresh spices in all their unique meals. Each dish has an added twist of Chef Mat’s culinary expertise with each bite incorporating a "Go Texan" pizazz! The ambiance is classic and homey; it is perfect for family meals, parties, happy hour with friends, or that special date night! As diners ponder their options from the menu, the wait staff is eager to walk you through Chef Mat’s decadent creations. The rustic steak aroma spreads throughout Bin 303 creating an aroma of crackling charcoal coals and sizzling meat being barbecued, just in the Texas tradition.

After being seated, be delighted in hearing the ever-changing specials of the day and start your meal with a mouth-watering appetizer. LYD sampled the day’s special of deviled eggs made with pickled green and red cabbage, thinly sliced carrots, sprinkled with cayenne pepper and mixed with tarragon. The fresh spices aromatically enhance the blend of pickled cabbage, carrots, and the traditional mayo-based egg mixture! What a playful and delightful welcoming of Spring all with one dish! But don’t get stuffed just yet, because the courses have just begun.; Bin 303 has delectable choices aplenty offered with their hearty entrees and filling salads.

Salad lovers rejoice! Chef Mat creates salads with flavorful zing and crunchy bites drizzled with homemade dressings. The Poached Chicken Salad is a healthy selection that diners should definitely take a fork prong stabbing to the poached shredded chicken, thinly sliced avocado, Dubliner cheddar cheese, crispy bacon, finely chopped, Texas pecans, and homemade pico de gallo laid on top of a bed a brightly colored mixed greens. This salad is paired with a homemade mildly spiced jalapeno ranch dressing which when drizzled to collaborate all these flavors. One other option for the health conscious or veggie aficionados is the 303 Chop Salad; a light, leafy concoction of fresh spinach, arugula, mixed greens, red onions, oranges, grapefruit, and chunky blue cheese. In addition to all the Texas-grown veggies, and fruit on the Chop 303, Chef Mat surprises the palate by adding chili-spiced walnuts and mixed berry vinaigrette for an extra sweet, savory tang.

Meat eaters can find their place at the table with giant heapings of Lone Star beef steaks grilled so the meat can glisten on the open flames! The Smothered Flank Steak is prepared with a dark, brandy mushroom cream sauce and thinly, shredded red bell peppers, onions, and finely chopped mushrooms. Paired with a mountainous pile of whipped side of mashed potatoes that are beaten with butter, cream, and sprinkled with thyme and rosemary to perfectly compliment the cow meat! The flanks have an incredible savory and buttery flavor that only Mat, the grand Chef and grill master can create. Certain steaks and salads are joined by Bin 303’s two jumbo-sized grilled shrimp. Your palate will be bowing down thanking you for this infusion of ingredients! For a light, fresh catch of the day, tantalize your buds with the Blackened Tilapia. The filet of tilapia is blackened, then seared in a butter sauce to seal in the enticing flavors. The fish is paired with a medley of shrimp and spinach creating the perfect balance and then enhanced with a variety of vegetables ranging from squash and onions to peppers and mushrooms. The fresh Texas veggies are glazed to perfection in a savory balsamic vinaigrette highlighting the tangy, sweet flavor that will coalesce in an enjoyable way in your mouth. As if that was not enough-- a sweet, smokey, creamy basil tomato sauce smothers the tilapia bringing eaters to lick the plate! What a masterpiece! This dish will evoke the feelings of sin and righteousness.

Being centralized in the Harbor community Chef Mat is really trying to become part of the neighborhood with their almost nightly specials. Bring together the family for “Together Tuesdays” for an evening of $10 burgers and $4 kid’s meal, all of which are made from local, organic ingredients. Class it up with “Wine about it Wednesdays” with the posse as you relax and chill out with $25 wine bottles with food pairings. Then there’s also “Toasting and Tasting” Thursdays which gives eaters the opportunity to stop to enjoy Mat’s specialty entreés as they are paired with a cocktail, wine, or beer. Also available are Friday and Saturday’s specials that are all of the land and sea variety so take your pick with the meat as the shining star of the dish.

Bon appetit y'all!!!

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