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Angelo's Italian Grill - Dallas, TX

LYD Recommendation: It’s romantic date night time! If you are looking to take your significant other on a cuddly, charming night on the town, LYD says head to Angelo’s Spaghetti House in the historic Lakewood Shopping Center. Angelo’s will serve you heart-warming classic Italian pasta dishes and scrumptious handmade Italian desserts. Angelo's is the place to go to get a little cozy with that special someone in the restaurants’ dimly-lit atmosphere. Romantic-o! Stop in for lunch or Sunday brunch at the all-you-can-eat buffet to fill your sweetie with authentic Italian eats! Angelo’s will leave you full and wishing there was a gondola to take you on an enchanted ride home.
6341 La Vista Drive
Dallas, Texas 75214
214-823-5566 ‎
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The Lakewood community in the heart of Dallas is home to many local eateries and mom-and-pop destinations, but if you’re looking to satisfy that old fashioned Italian desire head over to Angelo’s. Step into Angelo’s homey atmosphere for the aroma of garlic and fresh baking bread wafting through the air causing a flutter in your heart. Angelo’s Spaghetti House is named after the owner’s father, Angelo Peter Fantinnucci. Dishing up genuine Italian meals inspired by the family’s original recipes, they are bringing these meals straight from Papa’s table to yours! Take a seat in a comfy booth or a table on the veranda with a view of the community. Taking your seat, you immediately start the night off with warm, buttery, garlic rolls accompanied by the family’s famous marinara sauce. Close your eyes and see the rolling hills of Tuscany. All entrees are served with Angelo's Caesar Salad with their signature Caesar dressing, Rome’s answer to the boring salad. Servers can assist in choosing a fine wine or describing items on the menu. You will feel transported into a Tuscany vineyard kitchen by the smells of authentic Italian dishes drifting through the air. Angelo’s menu is filled with usual Italian staples and some of the family’s authentic, homemade, and exquisite dishes. The menu is separated by category into seafood, chicken, and veal specialties. If you aren't an Italian food connoisseur, Angelo’s offers a nice sampler platter for those whose taste buds have not been able to make the decision or those who just want to try a little bit of everything. Hand-breaded Chicken Parmesan, cheesy ravioli, and Fettuccine Alfredo are all served together to fulfill all of your heart’s desires. The Chicken Parmesan is a savory, hearty dish with a breaded chicken breast, golden pan fried and topped off with shredded, mozzarella cheese. The chicken is served on top a heaping pile of angel hair pasta, smothered by Angelo’s own marinara sauce. The Cheese Ravioli is four plump squares stuffed with four different Italian cheeses then baked. The Fettuccine Alfredo is a simple, palate pleasing dish of noodles dressed with a rich, creamy cheese and butter sauce, then a sprinkling of Italian herbs. Angelo’s makes their pasta fresh ensuring the ravioli, fettuccine, ziti, and signature spaghetti are perfect al dente made with the same passion Italians have passed down for generations.

In the mood for custom or specialty pizza? Angelo’s serves up an amazing pizza pie! Made fresh-to-order, the hand-tossed pizza dough is flipped and spun in Angelo’s kitchen before baking creating a crunchy outer crust with an oh-so-soft center. The Spicy Dago Pizza is like an open-faced meatball sub. Starting with the hand-made crust, Angelo smothers the pie with their famous marinara sauce, spices it up with crushed red-pepper, throws in some chopped mushrooms, fresh mozzarella, and layers on juicy MEATS! Angelo's has perfected their expertise over the years giving them the perfect recipes for their famous meatballs and pepperoni. Trust LYD when we say the small pizza is big enough for two and maybe three! Or if a journey to the lighter Italian country side is on the menu, try the Chicken Oglio. A vintage Italian favorite, the Chicken Oglio is an earthy, dainty pasta entree that is served al dente with penne pasta drizzled with Oglio sauce, tossed with capers, pitted black olives, and chunks of feta cheese. Angelo’s Oglio sauce is a homemade recipe of the ‘real deal’ olive oil with thinly sliced garlic sauteed with a dash of finely chopped parsley, a sprig of oregano, ground black pepper, and spritz of salt. It’s perfect for a vegetarian or healthy eater.

Do not try to push the dessert menu away this time, just do not even try! The traditional, straight from Grandma’s kitchen desserts are the perfect end to a great meal. Ask for two spoons, and dish up bites for your loved one of Angelo’s Bread Pudding or Tiramisu. Bread pudding, an old fashioned end to an Italian meal, is made daily. The flavors of vanilla and cinnamon spice are soaked up in every bite of the bread pudding making you feel downright sinful! For all you chocolate and coffee lovers, Tiramisu is the way to go. This lady finger lickin’ cake is born and "bread" in Italy. Each lady’s finger is drenched in Italian coffee liquor with a sweet, sinful mixture of mascarpone between each layer topped with curls of chocolate. Let that be the aphrodisiac your night needs!

Angelo’s is the perfect spot for a quick Italian escape that will have you swooning to the sounds of classic Sinatra. So grab some friends you don’t mind cozy-ing up to, or take the brave leap and ask for that first date and Angelo’s will do the rest. Ah, l'amore!

Bon appetit, y’all!

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