Monday, November 8, 2010

Zanata - Rockwall, TX
202 East Rusk Street
Rockwall, TX 75087
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Rockwall, Texas is a constantly growing city that functions like a small village whose neighborhood involvement beats as the heart of the entire community. As a suburb of Dallas, Rockwall is home to many local businesses such as boutiques, shops, weekend farmer’s markets, and many independently owned restaurants that give Rockwall a comfortable old Texas town feel. LYD’s stop in Rockwall this time is Zanata Restaurant on the historic square housing the old courthouse and many quirky little shops. The head chef and mastermind behind this delicious restaurant joint is Ted Grieb, a professionally trained chef who earned his stripes from cooking for Dakota’s Steakhouse for many years. He opened Zanata’s to establish a Mediterranean restaurant that utilizes wood-fired ovens for unique and unforgettable meals. Zanata’s also creates a family atmosphere which was established due to the brotherly love of the cooking family as brothers Kevin and Alidor Lefere work beside Ted to enhance the and liveliness of Zanata. The atmosphere is accentuated by the large glass windows big enough to view the city and watch the sun set over the lake, antique wood furniture, giant wood burning oven, and the delightful scents of simmering and aromatic dishes! The bar even has a big screen TV for an upscale sports night experience along with a no worries and complete drink selection! Zanata’s is set up for any celebratory occasion you can think of such as parties, family gatherings, or even an extra-special date where you call the babysitter and get an escape for the night.
Zanata has a variety of menu options to choose from starting with delectable, warm, starters and cold antipastos like bruschetta, mussels, olives, cheesy blue crab dip, salads, salamis, hard cheeses, and even an olive platter. Daily specials circulate the Zanata Menu, but there are the trusted favorites: Sirloin, Pork Tenderloin, Salmon, Seared Tuna, Texas Redfish or Ravioli. Ask the server for the Chef’s specials, a favorite, or trust in an LYD recommendation that you try an entree and choose from one of Zanata’s pizzas so that your mouth gets a little taste of it all. There is something about a pizza from a wood burning oven that just excites all the senses and melts your heart a little bit! Zanata has over ten home recipes to select from, so try your best to choose wisely. The pizza namesake of the Hubbard is an excellent choice sauced with a homemade tomato blend perfected with a hint of sweetness and red wine, along with thinly sliced pepperoni and chorizo methodically topping the pizza. All pies are enhanced by the perfectly meddling combination of a hot and crispy crust with an ever-so billowy soft middle, just like a pizza should always be. Wood-fired pies are hard to come by west of Europe but Zanata does it well!

Dessert time is never easy after a meal like one you get from Zanata’s because you want to finish it up right, so truly go with your gut feelings and just say, “Yes, please!”. In baseball terms, warm up your ‘Finisher’ of a sweet dish so you can make the meal a real shutout completed by the chocolate dessert! Get ready for your funeral and order the Death by Chocolate dessert, a top-to-bottom dish of chocolate, where the only things not made of chocolate are the bowl and spoon. If you let your spoon be the guide, you will first find flour-less but moist chocolate cake, then the layer of chocolate mousse, and topped off with chocolate whipped cream and chocolate pretzels and chocolate chips.
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