Thursday, October 7, 2010

Elbow Room - Dallas, TX

LYD Recommends: If you’re in the mood for a fun night out, Elbow Room in Deep Ellum definitely has all the makings to get things started! With choose it yourself jukebox tunes, shareable and insatiable finger foods, a chill atmosphere, a great patio for the delightful weather, and fun bar games, Elbow Room should be able to deliver a grand time for everyone! Elbow Room is perfect for large or small groups, but just make sure you bring enough people to share your schmorgesborg with because it will be a true finger food free-for-all!
3010 Gaston Ave
Dallas, TX 75226
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The Deep Ellum neighborhood of Dallas is an ever-evolving sphere whose development over the past century has seen periods of total metamorphoses and unfortunate infrastructural and financial decline. The progression of the district originally named “Deep Elm”, but always said with an extra Texas syllable, has allowed for some unique buildings and industrial enterprises to remain while seeing complete transformation in others. However, the staying power that has kept Deep Ellum alive throughout the trying years can be attributed to the beating heart of the music scenes inhabiting its nightclubs and concert halls and notes airily swirling the streets at any time of day. Along with its dynamic music and art landscape, the Deep Ellum area has also experienced a steady ebb and flow of bars and restaurants, representing in recent years an Entertainment District unlike any other in the city of Dallas. Helping Deep Ellum hold true that status are several unique establishments and one of those is Elbow Room, a restaurant and bar located a few steps away from the Baylor Hospital and the Baylor College of Dentistry. The funky, spunky laid-back joint is a major hangout for the Dental students and anyone wanting a chill place in the Deep Ellum area to get an after work drink and great pub fare! Elbow Room boasts, “Good people, good music, good eats. And plenty of elbow room.” With three large rooms, an outdoor patio, and games of pool, shuffleboard, darts, and video game golf, there is tons of ‘elbow room’ and fun for everyone!
As you walk in to Elbow Room, clever paintings and pictures cover the walls inviting a laugh and showing off definite character. Elbow Room also has a fully loaded jukebox with over a thousand songs to play all the way until closing time. There are lots of tunes to fuel your dancing desires. Delicious food, awesome drink specials, and a great selection of music; just bring some friends and you have the makings of a great night out! If you can’t decide on a cocktail to choose from, Elbow Room offers some great happy hour options. Monday through Friday from 3pm-8pm you can choose daily from $3.00 wells drinks to $2.50 domestic bottled beers. They also offer a few unique cocktails, and once the drinks have been served, you’ll be ready for some food!

Take a gander at the menu and you’ll see an array of appetizers and finger foods, sandwiches, subs, world famous pizza, Strombolis, Calzones, hearty Italian dishes, and a dessert of the day. The homemade Texas Twist Pretzels are warm and beautifully decorated with salt crystals like diamonds glistening on top of the twisted brown dough, which is served with a spicy homemade mustard that gives a unique punch, and if you’re a pretzel and mustard fan you’ll be getting that bowl clean! LYD could not put this warm, salty, and savory goodness down! Grab a stack of napkins and order the Buffalo Wings, spicy or mild, crispy, fried to perfection, and then tossed in a smooth mild buffalo sauce. Connoisseurs have their choice of dipping sauces of blue cheese, ranch, or even try the mustard. After all that pre-meal feasting is cleared off the table, you can make space for the main course to be delivered! Let the beer guide all the food to your stomach and keep your fork rotating with the force of a robotic arm and there will be plenty of room for it all! Elbow Room allows you to illustrate the pizza with your favorite toppings and serves it smokin’ hot with dripping cheese! If you’re a fan of the plain ol’ cheese you can indulge as well and enjoy the remarkable homemade pizza sauce which has a hint of red wine. The pizza crust perfectly masters the balance between crispy on the outside and soft on the inside, leaving your pallet completely satisfied. Finish with some dessert and your gluttonous self-indulgences can be topped off and complete for the night!
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