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Historical Summer

--1879 Chisholm Grill - Waxahachie, TX

--Strickland Arms Bed and Breakfast - Austin, TX

--Gristmill - Gruene, TX

--Monument Café - Georgetown, TX 

 1879 Chisholm Grill - Waxahachie, TX
Come on y'all, grab your bag and let's hit the open road. Just about an hour from Dallas down I-35 and a little off the beaten path, and get ready to travel back in time at the 1879 Chisholm Trail restaurant in Waxahachie. You will be able to get a quick history lesson about the significance of this trail while stretching your britches with some good southern home cooking.

Ever wonder what Texas was like in 1879? The Chisholm Trail was named after Jesse Chisholm who led the ranchers and cattle drives along the trails of Texas all the way to dusty Kansas. 1879 Chisholm Trail laid its flagship restaurant grounds inside the vintage building which was previously known as the General Store, where cowboys rested their haunches and gathered supplies for the long ride. By 1880, the ranchers were forced to settle due to a cattle disease called the Texas Fever, and by the 1920s, the area where the Chisholm Trail ran through Waxahachie had turned into the district it resembles today and the original restaurant made its start!

Exploring the historic area will definitely get your appetite going, and if you've got a hankerin' for some fried treats or some down-home cookin' then 1879 Chisholm Grill knows how to quench it. But more than that, the menu selection here is not just your ordinary southern home cooking. You could choose anything from spaghetti to quiche to meatloaf to chicken fried steak to just your ordinary turkey or chicken salad sandwich. LYD started our meal off with some fried goodness because that's sometimes what your soul is crying out for! Fried zucchini, onion rings, potato skins covered with fresh green onion, bacon bits, and cheese, and handmade onion rings; and in true Texas tradition, they all come with a homemade ranch dipping sauce or sour cream. From appetizer to three-course meal to homemade desserts, all items are definitely made fresh, ready to order, and smoking hot! LYD decided to try the homemade meatloaf, spaghetti and meat sauce with garlic French bread, and a homemade chicken salad sandwich. The meatloaf tasted like mom used to make with flavorful garlic, onions, green peppers, and tomatoes. The spaghetti and meat sauce is spiked with oregano, pepper, and cheesy Parmesan with all the flavors spaghetti should have! The grandmama's chicken salad sandwich is a first-class version of a classic and simple meal with crispy and fresh toppers. But don't forget the cheesy, made from scratch, crusty, mac and cheese or the restaurant’s famous carrot cake! Chisholm Trail's walls feature pictures of famous patrons that have graced the and if it's good enough for Golden Girl Rue McClanahan, then it's good enough for us! Stop on in and delve into a little piece of Texas Chisholm Trail history.
111 South College Street
Waxahachie, TX 75165
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Strickland Arms Bed and Breakfast - Austin, TX
Wanna get away for a quick weekend trip? Need a relaxing, low-key, 

Travel on down to Texas Hill Country and stay at Strickland Arms for a fantastic bed and breakfast experience! Strickland Arms is located in the heart of Hyde Park area which is just north of downtown Austin. It is nestled between old Victorian-style homes and towering oak trees. Strickland Arms is a quaint, unique colonial mansion with a gorgeous wrap-around porch. As LYD drove up to the breathtaking bed and breakfast we were astonished by the lush greenery, the exquisite landscape, and the mystical feel of Strickland arms.

Strickland Arms was built in 1904 for Judge John McCamy Patterson. Many years after that, Jim and Barbara Strickland purchase the home and have resided there for the past 44 years. Jim and Barbara purchase the home as newlyweds for a mere $20,000! Barbara said that many of their friends called them crazy for this worthless purchase! Never doubt the will and determination of newlyweds! The Strickland turned the run-down masion into an magnificent architectural gem!

All of the rooms are a fit for royalty. Have your choice of: Sir David's Room, Lady Stephanie's Room, Sir Soren's Room, and Lady Aisling's Room. All come with their own bathroom and television with DVD player, and even wi-fi for the internet addicts out there. They are all very spacious and it feels like you are staying in someone's grandmothers house, not like a hotel at all. The new addition this year was the luxurious swimming pool in the backyard, complete with streamline jets if you're really up for a work-out.

When the sun is beaming at your window, try to role out of bed, and take a stroll downstairs. Take a seatat the grand dinning room table and get your tummy ready for a feast! Barbara has whipped a breakfast for a king and queen!!! We're talking coffee, cappuccino, an assortment of teas, orange juice, a fully loaded fruit tray, muffins, biscuits, jams, and even scrambled eggs cooked upon request. This is also a great time to converse with the other guests! No telling who else could be at the breakfast table!

Now that you are stuffed and royally satisfied take a nice leisurely dip in the pool or chill in the hot tub! Strickland Arms is perfect for couples and families! Barbara and Jim are the queen of hosts and make you feel part of the family!

Strickland Arms is truly a peaceful and eloquent experience! A must stay for those headed to Austin--A MUST!
604 East 47th Street
Austin, TX 78751
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Gristmill - Gruene, TX

After a day of floating the river and battling rapids out by New Braunfels, you find yourself hungry for some good eats. LYD absolutely found a tasty delight at Gristmill River Restaurant and Bar. This place is located in the historic district of Gruene, Texas right next to New Braunfels. Gruene, Texas was first home to the German farmers Ernst and Antoinette Gruene in 1845 where the cotton gin was the primary source of the economy. And is now the home of a thriving businesses surrounding with antiques, small shops, and eateries. In fact, Gristmill's main structure is an 1870s cotton gin. This town might sound familiar because 'Michael' with John Travolta and Andy McDowell was shot at the Gruene Hall, Texas' Oldest Dance Hall, located just a few feet away!

You will be amazed at the small home town feel especially when you walk into this restaurant. Covered with tall oak trees and overlooking the Guadalupe River stands the Gristmill since 1977. Beautiful scenery, out door bar, live music, and amazing grub is the excellent recipe for a perfect evening. You might get confused and think to yourself “Is this a restaurant or a barn?” That's certainly what LYD thought. The structure is not like your ordinary restaurant: one, its an open area that gives off a campground-picnic vibe and two, the restroom is an outhouse. And yes, LYD said an outhouse. But don’t fret, it's a large, modern bathroom with all the amenities you are accustomed to. LYD was ready to jump into some mouthwatering fall of the bone baby back ribs, home-style chicken fried steak as big as your whole plate, buttery mash potatoes saturated in gravy, tender tenderloin salad, and juicy grilled chicken drenched in pico de gallo. Gristmill's customer promise is to serve the freshest succulent food with a long list of wines, freshly made margaritas, and renowned scrumptious desserts.
1287 Gruene Road
New Braunfels, TX 78130
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Monument Cafe - Georgetown, TX

Being on the road for hours definitely gets your stomach rumbling for some good grub. LYD stopped at Georgetown, Texas to check out the sites and get some good eats. Georgetown is the home of Southwestern University Pirates, Annual Chuck Wagon Cookoff, wine bars, Downtown Segway Tours, and the Inner Space Cavern. All of which are 15 minutes or less from downtown G-town. Georgetown has plenty to offer besides good attractions. More importantly FOOD. LYD sat down and ate at The Monument. It opened its doors to the public in 1995 where the ideal of the restaurant laid on the principle "Simple place with simply great food." LYD surely got some good simple food. As you walk inside the restaurant, you are greeted by a wait staff that gives you a lovely welcome. You have the option of sitting at the diner bar, spacious table, or comfy booth. No matter what you choose you will get a good view of the daily lunch and dinner specials, the sides, the dessert menu, and the kitchen. Choosing a table was not a problem but choosing an entrée was a whole other story. There are plenty to choose from...The Monument has healthy sandwiches made with health-nut bread, tortilla soup, 2 alarm spicy as can be chili, dinner and Caesar salads- with dressing on the side, only if you please, hearty homemade meals- meatloaf, chicken fried chicken, steaks in a dinner or petite size depending on what your stomach can handle, and homemade desserts-pies, milkshakes, and sundaes. Everything here is made fresh and daily. Veggies and fruit are provided by the garden outside or by local farmers. Meats and seafood are of hormones, antibiotics, and are all natural. And remember the dairy product is organic. What is not to love??

With all of this in mind, you definitely know that LYD choosing something to eat was a little bit difficult. But we definitely pulled through and stuffed our bellies. We loved the tomato salad doust in tangy but sweet vinegarette, petite lightly seasoned but full of garlic, onion, and pepper chop steak, fresh grilled asparagus with lemon juice, and the toasted turkey, crispy bacon, fresh avocado sandwich. But our absolutely number one favorite was the macaroni and cheese. It was smooth, creamy, and devoured with melted sharp cheddar cheese. It was a melt in your mouth kind of dish. And what made it even was homemade. And you can't have anything better than homemade, right?? No matter what the occasion, make sure you stop at The Monument whenever you are in Georgetown.

LYD Recommendation: Diners are always a big hit with LYD. So whenever you are in Georgetown, Texas, make sure you stop at The Monument and get to good eating with fresh, simple, great food. Try the macaroni and cheese because you will not be disappointed. Trust us!!
500 South Austin Avenue
Georgetown, TX
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